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OBA School is committed to provide equal opportunities for all applicants, increasing diversity, and maintaining an inclusive learning place. We welcome applications regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, marital status or whether or not they have a disability. This information is not used to make a decision about your application but to help us know how to serve you better. Do you consider yourself to have any disability or impairment that has a substantial or long-term impact on your ability to carry out day to day activities? (select all that apply) *

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The privacy policy of this application: OBA School would like to acknowledge you that the purpose of requesting some of your personal details is to help OBA School in evaluating your request in a relevant manner in terms of your abilities, skills suitability with respect to the intended courses and your health conditions to assess how best it can effectively serve you. Accordingly, your personal information will be saved digitally in a secured database encrypted with a password and accessed only by OBA School designated staff. Your personal information will be saved in our database for a period of time that does not exceed five year and then would be deleted from our database. Some of the information provided in this application might be used by OBA School excluded from any personal information about you for statistical purposes. OBA School is strictly committed to protecting the personal data of all applicants and enrolled students and would not pass it on to any other third party as stated by the UK Data Protection Act of 1998. For more information about the OBA School Privacy Policy please visit our Privacy Policy page at

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