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Our online GCSE Maths Higher Edexcel, AQA or OCR course can increase student chances in getting accepted by higher education and it enhances their employability. We hope you find our course materials helpful


Course Fee: £ 495

About the GCSE Maths Higher

Thel GCSE maths is the only secondary school subject that have two different options as shown below which the student has to choose from:
1-GCSE in Mathematics Foundation tier.
2- Or the GCSE in Maths Higher tier (what us this page is about)

The GCSE Maths Higher course covers the subjects taught in the GCSE mathematics foundation course in addition to some other advanced topics in mathematics such as trigonometric, differentiation, vectors, cubic graphs, therefore, the exam of GCSE maths higher contains within it topics of both the foundation and higher thus studying GCSE Maths higher does not require sitting for GCSE maths foundation exams, rather student can go straight and sit for the GCSE maths higher. Before the student enroll in this course, she/he has to make a choice between studying either of the foundation or higher tier based on which degree they wish to study in the future for their chosen university's degree.
One of the primary reasons that motivate students to study GCSE Maths higher is to pave their way to universities and increase their chances in getting accepted to various degrees which rely on maths such as most of engineering branches, science,  computer science, economy or medicine.
Studying Pearson-Edexcel GCSE curriculum in maths higher is an appropriate course for teaching delivery through distance learning and for sitting for the formal examinations. Once you have completed your course, you will have prepared yourself by then to attend the external formal examinations in approved exams centres.

It is important to be aware that your formal exam is assessed by the awarding body (Pearson-Edexcel) and not by OBA School and the marks and certificates issued them directly to you. Please note that all of internal exams that you carry out with us do not count towards your qualification, it is only your final exam carry all marks.

Other benefits of studying the GCSE Maths higher including:
1-If you pass this course and another four courses from other GCSE subjects you will be able to apply for many British universities for foundational year. The other option is to progress to the A-level education.
2-Learning maths is a life-time skill you can gain and benefit from in day to day life transactions.

You may wish to watch some sample tutorials from the course by playing the playlist below from the 'Interpreting and Representing Data' chapter:

Chapter 6: Graphs

Chapter 6: Graphs

Chapter 7: Area and volume

Chapter 7: Area and volume