مدرسة أوبا - english-language-courses-(دورات-اللغة-الإنجليزية-العامة) - المستوى-الأساسي-3a

English Language Courses

Elementary 3

This level is made up of two courses, 3A and 3B. It was designed for students who have a beginner’s level in English and a good grasp on the very basics of grammar rules as well as the building up of sentences. Students will learn to distinguish, to an acceptable degree, between speech manners as well as expressions used for formal and informal situations. They will learn different expressions used in daily life as well as study and practice the rules of formulating questions and the manners of reply in ways that reflect acceptance or rejection in polite ways in daily life situations. These situations include shopping, travel, tourism, as well as other topics taken from day-to-day life with rich vocabulary sets that accompany each. This level at OBA School is equivalent to the Cambridge qualification A1-Movers (YLE Movers).

An Overview of the Level

This level contains two sub-levels which are:

  • The Elementary Level 3A which is related to the information in the next sections
  • The Elementary Level 3B which is NOT related to the information in the next sections

This level at OBA School was designed for students with a beginner’s skills in the English language who are willing to improve their skills. It is also suitable for students who could have halted their studies and are willing to resume them and need to study the basics to be able to move forward.

This level is special in that it uses an all-encompassing syllabus with respect to communication skills to help students improve their linguistic abilities in fun and exciting ways. New aspects of the language are presented through texts that are mostly dialogues manifested through visual and auditory aid and conducted by native English speakers. This helps the students engage in the learning process effectively and helps them pronounce words correctly and use the correct terms and phrases in different situations later on.

As for grammar rules, they are presented in a series of increasing difficulty to ensure that students learn them effectively and smoothly. Students will practice speaking in formal as well as informal situations and will learn expressions to be used in daily life situations. They will also learn how to reply to questions in the right way in real situations like during shopping, at the airport, and others. 

Course Content

In this level, students will study the following English language skills:

Grammar skills of the English language related to the following

  • Verb to be (is, am, are)
  • Verbs in the present tense (have, go, live, like)
  • Possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, its, our, their)
  • The possessive “s”
  • Conjugation of verbs in the present tense
  • Positive and negative sentences
  • Kinds of questions including Wh-questions and yes/no questions
  • Adverbs
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • “some”, “a lot”, “any”
  • Demonstratives like “this”, “that”, “these”, “those”
  • “can” and “can’t”
  • Conjugation of verbs in the past simple tense
  • Regular and irregular verbs

Vocabulary skills of the English Language related to the following

  • Expressing personal information
  • New adjectives like “small”, “beautiful”, and “easy” and their opposites
  • New vocabulary related to family, home, and jobs
  • Prepositions
  • Describing feelings and things

Dialogue skills for everyday life related to the following

  • Everyday conversations
  • Asking about the time or the date
  • Terms used in daily conversation (I’m sorry – Excuse me – Pardon – What does … mean?)
  • Numbers and prices
  • Asking for permission (can – could)

Reading and speaking skills related to the following

  • Introducing yourself
  • Roleplaying and interviews
  • Discussions

Writing skills related to the following

  • You and your life
  • Improving styles and rewriting texts
  • Form filling
  • Describing home / writing a biography about someone
  • Writing an email

Admission Requirements

You will be qualified to begin with the Elementary Level 3A course if you meet either of the following two conditions:

1- Successfully completing the Beginners Level 2B course.
2- Passing OBA School’s English Proficiency Test 1, 2, and 3. The test can be reached by clicking here.


Once you have finished successfully studying the Elementary Level 3A course, you can proceed to the Elementary Level 3B English language course.

When Can you Enroll in the Course?

In the beginning of each month we have a new student intake but to ensure we have an exceptional service that can meet every ambition; we have made all our courses available for enrolment at any time of the year, but the formal start-off of any of the courses begins usually in the first of the following month of that you have enrolled in. That means you will have immediate access to the course materials where you can read the study guide, starter files and also can have a go with the study materials like watching the tutorial videos and eBooks till you get contacted in the beginning of the next month directly by one of our dedicated tutor who will explain to you the whole process. 

Duration of the Course and Study Period

The duration of the Elementary Level 3A course is two months. However, it does not necessarily need that long. As a reference for you to estimate accordingly, you would need around 100 hours of studying to complete the course. Hence you can schedule the duration based on dividing 100 hours by how many hours you plan to study per week resulting in the number of weeks required to finish the course.

Although the above method of estimation is only a guide, completing your course depends on several factors such as your employment situation. You could be a full-time employee, a part-time employee, or unemployed. Another factor would be your ability to dedicate time to study. Setting a study schedule is not difficult but committing to it needs determination and persistence. It would need to be remembered that it is your own responsibility to dedicate enough time to complete your studies.

The Equivalent Formal Test and Qualification from Cambridge:

Studying the Elementary Level 3A and 3B with OBA School does not include any official Cambridge qualification. The next level at OBA School which is the Pre-Intermediate 4A and 4B level has an equivalent official qualification.

About Cambridge Qualifications for the English Language

Cambridge Assessment English organisation is part of the University of Cambridge that helps millions of people around the world to learn English and prove their skills on Cambridge scale of competency to distinguish their English language ability on a single standard which helps universities, government and employers to identify applicants proficiency in using English.
Cambridge created one of the most important English language qualifications worldwide, which have become an international standard and reference to judge a person’s linguistic skills in English. Cambridge English tests are well known and trusted by international private and international institutions all over the world.

Names of exams and qualifications by Cambridge English Assessment:

The University of Cambridge offers the largest collection of qualifications and exams for the English language for students. They include:

  • IELTS, that in partnership with the British Council
  • Cambridge English Qualifications, that is solely by Cambridge. That includes:

1- N KET (New name from Cambridge: A2 Key)
2- PET (New name from Cambridge: B1 Preliminary)
3- FCE (New name from Cambridge: B2 First)
4- CAE (New name from Cambridge: C1 Advanced)
5- CPE (New name from Cambridge: C2 Proficiency)

Facts and figures from the board of examination of Cambridge English Assessment:

  • More than 5 million people around the world take Cambridge’s English tests each year.
  • Cambridge has over 2800 approved examination centers across 130 countries around the world.
  • The exams offered by Cambridge English Assessment institution is the longest experience and most known international standard in designing and awarding English quantifications. The examination board began its activities in 1913, giving it more than 100 years of experience.

For more information on the Cambridge qualifications please click here.

OBA School Tests and Assignments

With OBA you will have on-going internal exams including end-of-unit exams and self-marking assessments. These contain sets of questions that are in an exam format which you would need to solve and submit for marking and feedback. Commitment to doing your internal exams with OBA is a key to success, as it will prepare you to a great extent for your formal exams as well as enable you and your tutor to measure your progress throughout the course.

Moreover, all marks you will achieve throughout the course will be stored in your grade table on the eLearning platform so you may refer to them whenever needed. These internal exams are provided to you to evaluate your progress and performance in order for us to help you throughout your course by keeping eye on your performance and identifying any weak areas you might have with the subject you’re studying to prepare you for the final exam.

Please remember that any kind of internal exams you take with OBA School do not count towards your final score. You will have one formal exam that will carry all your marks that you will see in your formal script and certificate that will be issued to you by the awarding body. This final exam is external i.e. you will sit for it in either an approved examination center or the British Council.

How Will You Learn?

Upon enrolment you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide that explains most of all what you would need to know, including a schedule with an adjustable schedule to match your targeted timetable at all stages of your study. 
Your main interface with OBA School will be our online platform, where all your course materials will be provided for you, where you will communicate with your tutors and other students at your course.
Our courses are available 24/7 so no matter where you live, you can learn with us! Our courses are just as real as the full-time courses at a traditional school premises. There is no paper pack sent to you to learn from, we believe it is not an effective way for a distance learning student, rather we provide you with the best way to learn from your home through online learning platform, where you will find all your materials that mainly include tutorial videos for all the curriculum and each lesson so you can watch your lessons and hear the explanation directly from the tutor rather than the old fashion study through only reading textbooks. We are sure that our teaching approach shall make you confident of what you will be learning since you will hear the explanation directly from the tutor of the subject, and where you will be able to repeat any video ultimate amount of times till you understand the lesson. 

We are taking distance education to the next level: video study, with just a click away from your finger. You will benefit from the following services:  
1- You will have all materials online.
2- Top quality tuition guaranteed. All tutorials are designed and provided to you by qualified teachers.
3- You have full control of all the tutorials videos of your course, rewind and replay as many times as you like.
4- You can work at your own pace
5- The content of the site will adapt to members requests and additional tutorials and examples will be added regularly
6- Interactive resources are used for almost all the subjects. These interactivities are several online software help students of all abilities in understanding difficult scientific concepts in that’s clear and interesting ways. These are provided for you for almost every lesson to make you understand the concept of each lesson with ease and fun. Interactive resources are proven to be one of the best education tools for learners. Watch a sample.
7- Animated simulations: These are stunning 3D animations, videos, imageries, voice-overs, texts and interactive activities to ensure effective learning for most of the topics. Superb for independent learning at home, it will deliver an engaging interactive learning experience for you as student, and on the top of that you will hear the simulation from a British presenter and you will have the opportunity to read what the presenter will be saying at the same time, so you will learn the difficult terminology over and over till you pick them up and feel confident in using it. Watch a sample. 
8- Lab and experiments for science-based courses: these resources include web-based learning activities for science subjects, especially biology and chemistry because these two are taught through investigations, and requires lab skills and techniques to master your understanding. Unlike other distance learning institutions, OBA brings to you the lab and experiments to make you practice the lab skills and feel as confidence as any full time student in physical school. These lab skills will allow you to explore concepts and skills through an interactive and dynamic set of resources that will help you increases your confidence in experimental biology and chemistry. Watch a sample.
9- Worksheets: that is lesson-based activity or challenging homework assignment.
10- Different type of tests, quizzes and assignments you will be doing throughout your course. The target of this is to assess your progress and understanding so you can identify your strengths and weakness, hence shall allow you to work on improving your weak areas so by the time you sit for your exam you will be well prepared and very confident.
11- Digital copy of the books (not applicable for all courses, some need to be purchased from local bookshops)
12- Student forum: You will have an access to the students’ forum which can be found in your course page, the place where you can interact with your tutor and colleagues by creating new topics for discussion.

We are so confident of the materials we offer. We believe that the learning and supporting we offer to our students is equivalent to the traditional real school services if not more!

What you will Benefit from OBA School

Our courses are just as real as the full-time courses at a traditional school premises. There will be no paper pack to send to you by OBA to learn from that is because we at OBA do not believe studying from books in your own can be an effective way to learn for a distance learning student, rather we provide you with one of the best ways to learn from home through our online eLearning platform where you will find all your materials that include tutorial videos covers all of the curriculum lesson by lesson so you can watch your lessons and hear the explanation directly from the tutors compared to the old fashion of distance learning via silent books.

As a student with OBA School, you will benefit from the following services and advantages: 

1- You will have all of the study materials 24/7 on our eLearning platform.
2- Every lesson from the curriculum is made available to you on a tutorial video format, you’ll have a full control, rewind and replay as many times as you like.
3- Ongoing internal exams and assignments similar to exams questions format. The goal of this is to continuously assess your progress and knowledge so you can identify your strong and week areas in the related course subject thus would allow you to work on improving your weak areas so by the time you sit for your exam you will be well prepared.
4- OBA will provide you with an adjustable study schedule in order for you to work at your own pace. Speeding up or slowing down by modifying your study schedule the way that suits you to meet up with your formal exam date accurately.
5- You will have access to the student forum: it is a place in your course page online where you can address any question related to the course and discuss it with your students colleagues and tutors for discussion. Such forum is proven to be very helpful and beneficial tools for the students.
6- The content of the site will adapt to students’ requests and additional tutorials and examples will be added regularly based on students’ feedback and arising needs.
7- Top quality tuition guaranteed. All tutorials are designed and provided to you by qualified teachers.
8- You will be able to work without having to sacrifice your job to attend classes, since all the lessons are available to you at all times for you to be able to set your own study time. You don’t have to worry about leaving work early to head to class or coming home late from class. Your study time is now your own to decide and can be from the comfort of your own home!

We are very confident of our teaching materials that we offer to our students and we know that in many cases the quality and support we provide equate and exceed in sometimes what is presented in traditional full-time educational institutions.

What You Will Need to Study

You will need a good internet connection, computer, study desk, chair, stationery and notebooks. Most importantly you will need to find enough time to study your courses with approximately 6 to 10 hours per week.

Enrollment and Payment Options

You can enrol online by making the following steps:  
Step One: you will need to go to OBA’s website to the page of the course you would like to enrol in and locate the section named “Enrol Now”.
Step Two: Once you have selected your payment option to enrol, you will be redirected to our PayPal payment page for you to select your payment method. You will then be asked to select whether you are a new or returning student. If you are a new student, you will be asked to fill out an enrolment form online. That would take less than ten minutes and is done only once. If you would like to enrol in another course in the future, you will not need to fill another form. Instead, you will select the “returning student” option which will take you directly to the payment page since the system now recognises you.
Step Three: Once your payment is successful, you will instantly receive a confirmation email with your account details in addition to the “Study Guide” for your course.
Step four: Within 7 days (normally 48 hrs) a dedicated tutor will get in touch with you to introduce herself/ himself and initiate communication.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay your course fees using a bank transfer, then you can go to the online application page on our website by clicking here. Fill it out and submit it online. Within 2 business days, a member of our team will get in touch with you to provide you with the necessary steps and with OBA’s bank account. Once we receive the course fees through the bank transfer, we will email you your enrolment confirmation with your account details for direct entry to the courses you enrolled in as well as the “Study Guide”. Shortly after that, a dedicated tutor will get in touch with you to introduce herself/himself to you and provide you with guidance and any support needed throughout your course.

Our Promise to You

Because at OBA School we want each and every one of our students to succeed in their studies, we make you this promise: if for any reason you should fail your formal external examination with Cambridge English Assessment after you have completed your course and successfully done all your internal exams and after you have attended at least 80% of the course’s virtual live classes with us, we will provide you with an extension to your course and support at no extra charge until the next available examination comes up.

What your Course Fees Covers

1-Two months of enrolment with access to OBA School’s online eLearning platform where you find your course materials and resources.
2-Weekly scheduled live virtual classes to practice speaking English and exercises
3-Support and guidance throughout the course
4-An adjustable study schedule program
5-Follow-ups on your progress with your internal exams including marking and feedback
6-Access to the student forum of each respective course you are enrolled in
7-And more

That's it! Thank you and we wish you all the best of luck with your studies!