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Online Biology AS level AQA OCR

Online Biology AS level AQA OCR


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About Our AS level Biology Course

Biology is the study of life, encompassing ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, botany, zoology & anatomy. Biologists study the natural world, understanding how all living things including humans, animals and plants function and how they interact with the world around them. Moreover, the AS-level in Biology course includes aspects of science that are relevant to everyday life, therefore, studying biology helps learners develop lifelong skills of scientific enquiry especially when practicing or discussing health and care issues. 

Studying biology is an essential choice if you plan to go on to study medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, nursing, physiotherapy, biomedical sciences biochemistry, Environmental science, Zoology or Oceanography, then studying Biology at A Level is a vital first step. 

Studying our online AS level Biology is an appropriate course for teaching delivery through distance learning and for sitting for the formal examinations. Once you have completed your course, you will have prepared yourself to attend an external formal examinations in any approved examination centers across the UK. If you are living outside the UK, we recommend you checking with the nearest British Council branch to you if they offer exams service, in most cases they do.

You may wish to watch some sample tutorials from the course by playing the playlist below:

Entry Requirements

Academic requirement: We recommend for candidates planning to join this course to have a minimum prerequisite including Any of the below:

  1. Have passed successfully your GCSE biology
  2. Or if have passed successfully grade 10 school level in your country.

English language requirement: If your first language is English then you may skip this section.  

If your first language is Not English and you wish to enrol in our GCSE courses then you are required to take our free online English proficiency test, just follow the on-screen instructions to the end. To take the English proficiency test please click here and indicate your marks in the comment section of your Application


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The AS level biology provides progression to A2-levels Biology. Alternatively, gaining AS level biology qualifications together with another 2 to 3 other A-level qualifications can lead to admission to university first year direct entry to relevant degrees.

Another progression option for the students, to join the AS level biology with 4 GCSE qualifications and apply for a direct entry to University Foundation-year to relevant degrees.

Duration of the Course and Study Period for AS-level

The duration of any of our AS-level or A2-level courses is 12 months, however, student has the flexibility to finish it earlier. Each International AS-level or A2-level, each course would need approximately 250-study hours for each course; hence you may estimate the time needed for completing your course as below:

  • For 12 months study plan: you would need 6 hours a week per 1 subject.
  • For 9 months study plan: you would need about 8 hours a week per 1 subject.

For each of the cases above we have allowed for 6 weeks revision period before the exam which we strongly recommend in order to revise and practice past exams papers.
Other factors to be taken into considerations when thinking of the duration needed to complete your course are things such as the number of subjects you study concurrently, whether you are employed or fully dedicated to studying the courses, your initial English language skills in reading and writing and other life commitments.

What your Course Fees Covers and Doesn’t Cover

What is Your Subscription Covers?

1- Sixteen month enrolment for your AS level course
2- Access to OBA School online eLearning platform where you find your course tutorials and the materials resources.
3- Frequent pre-scheduled online live classes.
4- Following up with you your internal exams, marking and feedback.
5- Responding to your inquiries and concern and providing you with personal tutor to full up with you your study progress and provides you with guidance on various essential matters.
6- An access to the student forum of the course you are enrolled in.

What is Your Subscription Does Not Covers?

Course fees do NOT include examinations or arrangement fees which required to sit for your formal exams and are paid directly for either the examination centre.

That's it!
Thank you, we wishing you the very best with your studies!

7- AS-level Biology - Mass Transport

8- AS-level Biology - DNA, Genes, & Protein Synthesis