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What is a Private Candidate?

A private candidate in the British education is a learner who belongs to any of the below categories:

1-   Student who studies through distance learning.

2-   Student who studies by themselves.

3-   Students who taught privately by private teachers or parents.

4-  Students who would like to re-sit or re-take exams

5-   Students studying a course not offered by their own school or college.

Student who attends a full/part time course in school is not consider as private candidate since she/he will have the school arranging in their behalf for the exams. On the other hand, a private candidate is responsible for registering themselves for the formal exams in either any approved examination center or with the British Council the in their country of residence. It is important that private candidate to register for the exams as early as possible from the exams date, we recommend six months earlier from the exam day. Please note that Pearson or Cambridge exams in any subject will be the same for both the private and non-private candidates hence no difference in the exam papers.

For more information about the meaning of “Private Candidate” please visit the Pearson related page by clicking here or Cambridge International related page by clicking here. Alternatively, search on Google for the British Council definition of “Private Candidate” meaning.

Who Awards Your Certificate

Your Formal Exams Process

In most of the world countries, the traditional formal qualifications are issued directly by country’s ministry of education, but this is different in the UK where in order for a qualification to be recognized it must be accredited through one of the United Kingdom awarding bodies that is authorised by regulated by any UK regulatory body/Department for Education. Awarding bodies such as Pearson-Edexcel or Cambridge Assessment International are responsible for developing, implementing and organising all aspects of the specifications and curriculum of every qualifications they offer and to monitor and maintain excellent quality to the qualifications and keep them relevant and contemporary. Add to that, the responsibility of these awarding bodies of issuing the formal examinations, marking the answers of the students’ exam and issuing students qualifications accordingly.

Our GCSE, IGCSE and A-level courses are designed in line with the specifications of the leading examinations boards of the UK including AQA, PEARSON EDEXCEL and Cambridge Assessment.

Students living in the UK who would like to sit for their exams have to start looking for an approved exam centre nearby them during February of the same year in order to register for the exams they would like to take. If you live outside the UK, they need to contact the British Council in their country of residence to find out if they offer exams service for “Private Candidate”. When contacting the exam centers or the British Council make sure to indicate the name of your course, the exam code of the course and the name of the examiner board of the course you would like to sit.

AQA (Awarding Body)

Pearson-Edexcel (Awarding Body)

Cambridage International (Awarding Body)

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