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The A-level is the highest level on the scale of school education in Britain as shown in the diagram in the next section, and is usually taught over a period of two years, and qualifies students who have successfully studied in three different subjects to a direct entry to first year university if their marks are good and the applicant has fulfilled the other university requirements. Although the student can study five subjects from the British General Secondary School (GCSE) for admission to a university foundation year in Britain, but some prefer to continue school education through graduation after the GCSE by studying three subjects from the advanced secondary school and entering directly into a first year university, and not to the foundation year, as shown in the following section.

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Biology A level Online A level Biology

Physics A levelOnline A level Physics

Chemistry A levelOnline A level Chemistry

Maths A level Online Maths A level

Further Maths A level Online Further Maths A level

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Sample from our online A level Physics


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Choosing the Right Courses

Choosing the right course can be a tough decision; It requires careful consideration about your future goals. Our handy guide on Choosing the Right Course to Study helps you to understand the best way to select your A-level subjects. We also have a page on University Requirements which allows you to select your desired university, degree subject and entry year. It will then provide you with the subjects required in order to study at your chosen selection.

The diagram below shows the possible progression from A-level to completion of an undergraduate degree

Students usually choose to study 3 subjects from the advanced secondary level related to the university specialisation they wish to study in the future, for example, to obtain admission to the university for medicine degree (doctor or dentistry), the student needs to study 3 subjects related to the medicine from the A-level such as mathematics, physics, chemistry or any other subject related to engineering.

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How Long Will it Take to Complete Your Full A-level?

Each of the AS-level and A2-level require approximately 250 study hours per course to complete over 9 to 12 months. Students can however complete courses at a faster rate if dedicated adequate time for their study. The below is a guideline of different 2 scenarios to help you with estimating the time needed to complete each of the AS and A2 levels:

Scenario 1: for a 12-month study plan, you’ll need to complete 6 hours of study per week, for each of the 3 subject you have chosen. 
Scenario 2: for a 9-month study plan, you would need to complete 8 hours of study per week, for each of the 3 subject you have chosen.

There are several factors to take into consideration when estimating your course duration, such as the number of subjects you are studying concurrently, your current employment status, your initial English language skills in reading and writing and your family commitments. 

Biology A level Online A level Biology

Physics A level  Online A level Physics

Chemistry A level Online A level Chemistry

Maths A level Online Maths A level

Further Maths A level Online Further Maths A level

How Long Will it Take to Complete Your Full A-level?