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Online GCSE Courses

The GCSE is generally taught over 2 academic years, it gives progression to A-levels or direct entry to university foundation-year.

Studying GCSE online with OBA offers a great flexibility and maximum benefit to students due to the fact that all our courses are delivered through a range of exciting digital materials online video tutorials, simulations and interactivities which cover all the syllabus and specifications of the awarding-body, that is in addition to the online live-classes.

What can you do with GCSE Qualifications?

Gaining GCSE qualifications is the steppingstone to further education but can also open doors to entry-level job opportunities and apprenticeships. Usually a minimum of five subjects at GCSE level make an ideal progression to A-level studies which then pave your way to a direct entry to first year university.

Browse the range of GCSE and IGCSE courses offered below:

Biology GCSE

Physics GCSE

Chemistry GCSE

Combined Science Trilogy GCSE

Maths Foundation GCSE

Maths Higher GCSE

English Language GCSE

Computer Science GCSE


Geography IGCSE

Business IGCSE

English as a Second Language IGCSE

You may wish to watch some examples tutorials from our online GSE courses by previewing the playlist below:

Online GCSE Maths Foundation


Online GCSE Chemistry

Do I need pre-qualifications to study at OBA School?

To study GCSE level at OBA School, you do not need any previous qualifications. However, it may be appropriate for you to have completed the KS3 or KS2 or their equivalent level such as grade 8 school level. For some GCSE courses we have created some short preparatory maths and science courses in order to bridge any gap of knowledge to start smoothly with the GCSE level especially for those who left school long ago.

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The below diagram shows the possible progression from studying GCSE or IGCSE to entry into the foundation year of an undergraduate course at a British university. Browse for More Examples"

Choosing the Right GCSE Course for You

Whether you plan to progress to A-level or to a direct entry to a university foundation-year you need to make the right choice of the GCSE courses that are closely related to your desired university degree. To be considered for a direct entry to a university foundation year, you will need to study and pass minimum of 5 GCSE subjects from which at least 2 subjects should be related to your future desired degree.


To simplify the selection for you, we have developed an interactive webpage to help you "Choosing the Right Course to Study" where you can select a specific university degree entry, check our webpage on "University Requirements" in order to check which GCSE subjects you can study to meet the entry requirement to university foundation year entry requirements.

How Long it Will Take me to Complete my GCSE Study?

The duration of any of our GCSE courses is 16 months, however, students have the flexibility to finish the course earlier. Each GCSE course requires approximately 300 study hours per subject. You can estimate the time scale of completion using the scenarios outlined below.

Scenario 1: for a 16-month study plan, you would need to dedicate 5 hours a week per subject  

Scenario 2: for a 12-month study plan, you would need to dedicate 7 hours a week per subject 

Scenario 3: for a 9-month study plan, you would need to dedicate 10 hours a week per subject

The above estimates considers 8 week revision period before the date of the formal exam. This is something we strongly recommend in order to complete the necessary revision and practice examsto ensure a good final mark. You should also take into account other factors such as the number of subjects you study concurrently, employment status and current English language skills in reading and writing when estimating the duration of your course.

Further Information 

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