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Online GCSE & A-level Courses

About Our Online GCSE and A-level Courses

About Our Online GCSE Courses

The GCSE is usually taught over 2 academic years and in some cases in less time espcially if taught through distance-learning such as with us. Gaining GCSE qualifications gives you progression to A-levels or direct entry to university foundation-year.

Studying GCSE online with OBA offers a great flexibility and maximum benefit to students due to the fact that all our courses are delivered through a range of exciting digital materials online video tutorials, simulations and interactivities which cover all the syllabus and specifications of the awarding-body, that is in addition to the online live-classes.

What can you do with GCSE Qualifications?

Gaining GCSE qualifications is the steppingstone to further education but can also open doors to entry-level job opportunities and apprenticeships. Usually a minimum of five subjects at GCSE level make an ideal progression to A-level studies which then pave your way to a direct entry to first year university.

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English Language GCSE

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Geography IGCSE

Business IGCSE

English as a Second Language IGCSE

Do I need pre-qualifications to study at OBA School?

To study GCSE level at OBA School, you do not need any previous qualifications. However, it may be appropriate for you to have completed the KS3 or KS2 or their equivalent level such as grade 8 school level. For some GCSE courses we have created some short preparatory maths and science courses in order to bridge any gap of knowledge to start smoothly with the GCSE level especially for those who left school long ago.

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Our Distance-learning A-Level Courses

The A-level is the highest level on the scale of school education in Britain as shown in the diagram in the next section, and is usually taught over a period of two years, and qualifies students who have successfully studied in three different subjects to a direct entry to first year university if their marks are good and the applicant has fulfilled the other university requirements. Although the student can study five subjects from the British General Secondary School (GCSE) for admission to a university foundation year in Britain, but some prefer to continue school education through graduation after the GCSE by studying three subjects from the advanced secondary school and entering directly into a first year university, and not to the foundation year, as shown in the following section.

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Biology A-Level

Physics A-Level

Chemistry A-Level

Maths A-Level

Further Maths A-Level