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Distance Learning Benefits

Distance learning Benefits

Some of The Advantages of Learning Online with OBA School

Freedom of Choice of Which Subject to Study

Students find the British international secondary school education (International GCSE and A-level) can provide them with a great flexibility with choosing which subjects to study rather than obliging them to study a set of subjects that might not be of their interest. Deciding which university degree to study allows the student to know the relevant subjects they need to study at the International GCSE or A-level, student then choose either 5 related subjects from the IGCSE level if planning for directly entry to university foundation-year, or 3 related International A-level subjects if planning for direct entry to first-year university.


Our Unique Tutorials Videos Provide You with Time Flexibility

OBA School Provides you with 100% tutorial videos designed by its tutors which cover entirely the curriculum of each IGCSE and IAL subject, it is one of the unique points about studying with us. The student can speed up or slow down their study pace or can even interrupt their study for sometime within the same course duration and still can come back and pick up from where they left without missing any part of their course.

Although exceptions may always exist, but we would always recommend you investigating with any distance-learning provider you are thinking to enrol with whether it is OBA or others to know how much tutorial videos they have created for the course you want to join and if those videos cover entirely the curriculum, the reason to ask for such is due to the fact that many students get disappointed after subscribing when discovering that what they have been promised of were just some random sets of YouTube tutorial videos linked to the eLearning of the distance-learning provider, but with OBA School the case is different and can confidently take you directly to our eLearning platform before even you have enrolled to show you how each IGCSE or International A-level subject is furnished with hundreds of tutorials from which all were designed and developed by OBA School team over 7 years of production in order to ease your learning experience and make it joyful.

Studying online gives students the opportunity to manage their time effectively since they can choose the right time and location for them to study such as in the morning, evening, mid of the night, weekend or weekdays, during the holiday, while commuting, while in the park, any time, literally any time!


Our Real-Time Online Classes Flexibility

The live online-classes is another important unique point about the distance-learning quality provided by OBA School to its students.  The online classes are the place where you can meet with your teachers and the course mates, attending the online classes is very important but even if you miss any class you still can find it the next day uploaded to your course platform and watch the recorded copy of the online class that you have missed.


Low cost of study

Studying with OBA School is an affordable option for a great educational value. The tuition fees are a fraction of the cost of any traditional International British school that requires students attendance. Add to that the substantial saving you make through studying distance-learning courses since it does not require commuting and refreshment cost.

Other Benefits from Studying Distance-Learning Courses with OBA School

Our courses are just as real as the full-time courses at a traditional schools require attendance. There will be no paper pack to send to you by OBA to learn from that is because we at OBA do not believe studying from books in your own can be an effective way to learn for a distance learning student, rather we provide you with one of the best ways to learn from home through our online eLearning platform where you will find all your materials that include tutorial videos covers all of the curriculum lesson by lesson so you can watch your lessons and hear the explanation directly from the tutor as opposed to the old fashion of distance learning via silent reading IGCSE and A-level textbooks.

As a distance-learning student with OBA School, you can benefit from the following services and advantages:

1-   You will have all of the study materials 24/7 on our eLearning platform.

2-   Every lesson from the curriculum is made available to you on a tutorial video format, you’ll have a full control, rewind and replay as many times as you like.

3-   Animated simulations and interactive resources: These are stunning 2D and 3D animations, videos, imageries, voice-overs, texts and interactive activities and simulations available to you in our eLearning platform to ensure you acquire the new knowledge in easiest possible way through interaction and visualisation.

4-   Lab and experiments for science-based courses: these resources include web-based learning activities for science subjects, in particular the biology and chemistry because these two subjects require gaining some lab skills and techniques in the curriculum. Again, OBA has gone extra mile by bringing to the doorsteps of its students the best virtual labs and experiments to ensure that they feel confident as any full-time student would feel in traditional schools.

5-   For many of the courses you will have a digital copy of the books.

6-   Ongoing internal exams and assignments similar to exams questions format. The goal of this is to continuously assess your progress and knowledge so you can identify your strong and week areas in the related course subject thus would allow you to work on improving your weak areas so by the time you sit for your exam you will be well prepared.

7-   OBA will provide you with an adjustable study schedule in order for you to work at your own pace. Speeding up or slowing down by modifying your study schedule the way that suits you to meet up with your formal exam date accurately.

8-   You will have access to the student forum: it is a place in your course page online where you can address any question related to the course and discuss it with your students colleagues and tutors for discussion. Such forum is proven to be very helpful and beneficial tools for the students.

9-   The content of the site will adapt to students’ requests and additional tutorials and examples will be added regularly based on students’ feedback and arising needs.

10-- Top quality tuition guaranteed. All tutorials are designed and provided to you by qualified teachers.

We are so confident of our learning materials and we believe that the learning and supporting we offer to our students is equivalent to the traditional full-time school services if not more!